Was Ravana really wrong ? A deep introspection by me !

Was Ravana really wrong ? A deep introspection by me !

So guys, wish you all a belated Happy Dussehra. Belated just because I was gathering all the hidden information about Ravana.

Who was Ravana ?

You all are thinking that why would I give emphasize on Ravana while its Dussera ? Most of the people just know that Ravana was a demon (Asura) and Rama was god. They fought a war and Rama killed Ravana on that day, that’s all about Dussehra.

Being a MindBlogger, I think that my readers should know about Ravana too. Why people consider him wrong without knowing the actual truth. I am not saying that Rama was wrong instead.

Ravana the worshipper of Shiva

What do most of the people know about Ravana ?

Lets us generalize the answers as follows:

  • He was a Demon (Asura)–everyone knows it.
  • Ravana abducted Sita–everyone knows it.
  • He was arrogant and considered himself superior to Rama in powers–again everyone knows it.
  • He was a true worshipper of Lord Shiva–some of you might know.

What else ?

Unfortunately most of the facts that people have come from the popular folklores, Valmiki’s Ramayana and TV serial !!!

you can comment it if you know anything apart from above mentioned peculiarities. Before that read on the following.

My views on Rama and Ravana

Firstly I don’t see these two gentleman (Rama and Ravana) as demons or gods (or avatars) but as human beings who occupied a prominent place in history during the pre-Indus valley civilization. We all have now agreed that due to continental drift all the continents are drifting apart. During the occurence of Ramayana , the continents were closely knit. Which means one could traverse Australia , by land itself. In the alternate perspective book on Ravana called “vayam rakshamah” debunks the myths that have been prevalent for time immemorial. For example , the “Narak” or Hell was the old name of Persia , “Vaikunth” was a name of a place in Iran and Rakshasas were Maritime People who primarily dwelled on Seas. “Patal” or underground as its commonly known was modern day Australia because it was the southern part of continental land. So who were these “devatas” and “Rakshas”.

Battle for the control of earth and resources

It was a clash of races and civilizations. Two specific tribes, Devtas were more “European” whitish in race as compared to Rakshasas who were colored, and as in human social modelling , color always looses to white. Rakshas (which means protection) were demonized permanently in history.

Their was a historical battle for the control of earth and resources. which is still on between these two races. So it was methodical and surgical way of telling your story. It was the same technique which Britishers employed

They systematically destroyed the Indian form of education and replaced it with that of Lord Macaulay’s system of education. what we have read is British interpretation of history. Our “Gurukul” for example had subjects like Logic, Grammar and Mathematics, the 3 pillars of any educational system but was destroyed. Its said that if you want to destroy any country “rewrite its history” and that’s what happened. Rakshasas were hardworking and nature worshiping tribes and races who won all battles. Devtas were tacticians who always wanted to win over through “any” means.

Good characteristics of Ravana people don’t know about

  • He was a master scholar in medicine, mathematics,astronomy, astrology .
  • He has written many books like “Arka Shastra”.
    In Arka Shastra he has compiled every herb its usage and dosage revealing cures to some complex dieases. In one book he wrote “Eating beef cause to infect ninety eight new diseases to human beings”.
  • He was such an eloquent master that he controlled Nav-grahas (the nine “Planets” aspects of human astro system)
  • According to Sri Lankan folk tales, king Ravana treated both Rama and Lakshmana with his own hand when they were badly injured on the battlefield.
  • Under his leadership, King Ravana managed to unite all the Sri Lankan tribes. Sri Lanka became a secular country not subject to or bound by any religious dogma, with no official religion, language.

Related to Kathua (Asifa) rape case

Though people consider Ravana as evil but he was not evil than today’s actual demons. The demons who rape our girls, sisters, mothers. Recently a heinous rape case was in the news, rape of an 8 years old girl, Asifa, from kathua, Jammu and kashmir. But Ravana was not like this. He kidnapped Mother Sita but had never touched her and even he never tried to make eye to eye contact with her. Then Why people burn him instead of such actual demons at large ?


You may be asking yourself that if he was such a great scholar , why was he wronged ? well for this the first nonsense has to be cleared which is Rama and Ravana fought wars because of Sita, it was a political war which predated Rama. As mentioned, Ravana’s maternal side (Raksh Tribes) were driven out of their own land by Devtas tribes. Rama belived in a doctrine ” The entire earth belongs to Raghu Vansh “. Raghu was the ancestor of Rama. This sounds like the more racist quote of British Rudyard Kipling in which he called colonization or imperialism as a “white man’s burden”. Anyways , Ravana won back Lanka from Kuber (his step brother) and turned it into riches. Lanka was an object of envy not Sita !

I think this post is what made your mind boggling, I leave it up to you to whether Ravana was Wrong or Good.

If you liked this then please comment your views on this post.

Dinesh Suthar

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  1. Very good point Mr. Suthar,
    Also it’s noteworthy, history is always written by winner and losers are portrayed as evil characters, which often they are not.

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