In 10 Minutes, I’ll give you the in-depth details about Pinterest

In 10 Minutes, I’ll give you the in-depth details about Pinterest

Hey, I hope you are doing well. So once again I am here to help you out about your blogging techniques.  You have now gained knowledge about the basic principle of blogging and now want to get your blog more visible to audiences. Nonetheless I am going to talk about the Pinterest, a tool through which your blog will get more visibility on search engines.

What is Pinterest, by the way ?

Pinterest is a social media platform just like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but here you are sharing images which you liked the most to around 3 billion users of the internet. Yes your heard it right, 3 billion users are using Pinterest right now at any time of the day !.


Why people are using Pinterest ?

Every blogger whether novice or professional, is using Pinterest very actively because the images we share here are having more visibility than any other platform. When we share images from our blog post to Pinterest we get no-follow backlinks to our blog post. Not every no-follow backlink is useless. Since Pinterest is having high domain ranking and we are getting no follow backlinks then there are chances that our blog will also get genuinely high ranking in Google search result. This is the reason people are using pinterest for their blog.

How I am using Pinterest ?

Many of the readers of my blog keep on asking about I am utilizing the Pinterest, so here are the things I use the get more visibility.


Pinterest gives use to create boards on our profile. Boards are nothing but the niches of your pinterest profile where you group similar type of images in single board. For eaxample: If the board name is “Memes”  then the images in this board are deemed to be all about memes. A proper board name is also essential for better visibility. More common and daily used names are having more chances to be clicked and followed. By following, I just recalled which I haven’t told earlier in the post is people can follow your complete profile or just a particular a board to choose your Pinterest board name wisely.

Pinterest Anayltics

Yes Pinterest also have analytics just like the Google analytics but you will get insights from last 3 days i.e your today’s report will be shown day after tomorrow.

below is my latest analytics report:

Pinterest Analytics

As you can see there are 3 main parts of analytics.

  1. Pinterest Profile: to get overall report of your profile
  2. People Your reach: It shows how many audiences have seen your images/boards
  3. Activity from your blog: It shows does your blog images you shared impacted the audiences.


You can comment on others boards or just images and this is how more people will be in the loop throughout the your profile.

May be others can like your comments and finally follow you in Pinterest. What else a blogger need ! 🙂


Whether you have been using Pinterest or not, this tool helped me a lot to gain my rankings in google search. I would suggest you to give it a try and see the results in your search console.

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