Apply these 4 secret techniques to improve On Page SEO of your Blog

Apply these 4 secret techniques to improve On Page SEO of your Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the online marketing strategies.  Used by hundreds of advertising agencies to make websites be on the top of the search results. Everything is now online so to stand out of the crowds SEO is used. A well search engine optimized site will always get more preference in search results.

Big companies hire professional website optimization company to make their web contents more visibility among others. What we see on search result is just a minute fraction of total websites existing in the world.

SEO isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your site better for people too. Today in my post especially dedicated to this topic, I will give you the base of SEO i.e On Page SEO.

On Page SEO

It is first and most critical part of a website development, because On Page optimization takes place during development process. Its other part i.e Off Page SEO, I already written a post on Pinterest . but that’s not the end I will cover this topic in more detail in near future.

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Factors affecting On Page SEO

Google or any other search engine ranks a website on following factors.

  1. Title tag
  2. URL
  3. Content of page
  4. Image alt text

1. Title Tag

A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. A more descriptive title tag attracts more reader. Keywords which are having more searches in average should be used in as Title tag.


 <title>Example Title</title>

2. URL

Uniform Resource Locator, is the link which see in URL bar. There are two types of URLs which people use.


As you see above url is dynamic, i.e there is a query string with id=1, if we change id=2 then contents of that page will be different from id=1. BUT THIS IS A BAD EXAMPLE OF URL STRUCTURE, not everyone is expert to understand contents in this page.

Now consider this url:

Here the contents are not fetched by its id, it is more understandable to reader to know which topic this link would show. Same applies to Google search Engine, Google takes words in your URL and index it accordingly. Again use of high quality keywords in URL is must in SEO.

3. Contents of the page

You can consider this segment as soul of your post, because contents with high quality keywords will be captured by Google and will be indexed. This doesn’t mean that you have to stuff only high ranking keywords generated from Google seo tools like Keyword Planner,  in contents of the page. Google will punish you if it finds keyword abusing.

The structure of page also matters in seo field. A well designed and optimized web has following sections.

  • H1 tag as main heading, it should not be used multiple times in single post.
  • H2-H6 for sub headings, These tags can be used multiple times in a single post.
  • Introduction section
  • Body of the contents
  • Conclusion

3. Image Alt Text

A webpage is not just composed of textual contents, it has images too. An image works as consolidated information about the textual contents in your blog to those who are visually active people. As far as SEO is considered, it is essential to get an attractive image in post.

Ok, I have textual contents and images, will google start giving me results ?

A BIG NO ! Lets suppose your textual contents have good number of keywords and Images. Text will be indexed by Google but what about images ?

How images are indexed ?

Images are indexed according to the keywords provided in ALT tag. ALT tags are used to describe an image and if there is network dis-connectivity images take more time to load hence during page load there would be blank space and user doesn’t know there is an image. That time ALT tag are useful as this tag provide a textual content in that blank space so user can assume what kind of image is there.

Example of ALT tag when Image is not loaded in browser:

ALT text example









Pinterest also takes advantage of ALT tags, when you pin an image to Pinterest, it takes image’s alt description and saves as title.

So guys, that all about On-page SEO. If you liked this post then please share this with your friends and if you have any doubts about ON page SEO you can comment below and I shall respond to your query within 24 hours. 🙂

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