Take Advantage Of Nofollow Links – Read These 3 Tips and Benefits

Take Advantage Of Nofollow Links – Read These 3 Tips and Benefits

Recently, I had written a post about Pinterest where I had shown you the benefits of using Pinterest and how we can make use of that tool. If you recall I had mentioned that Pinterest gives us Nofollow links if we share our posts’ images using appropriate boards over there.

Nofollow Links

Well in Simple language, Nofollow links are those which do not pass any link juice. Its just a sign for search engines saying “Don’t Follow this link” or “Don’t count this”. Nofollow links are nothing but a regular hyperlinks but having a rel tag with nofollow mentioned.

Example: <a href=”http://www.mindbloggers.club/” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor Text</a>

Although these links doesn’t pass link juices but still they are most useful for the overall seo.


Benefits of NoFollow BackLinks

Benefits of Nofollow links

1.More and more Traffic

In simple terms, traffic means how many visitors are visiting your blog and how many ads are clicked, eventually gives revenue.

More traffic means more revenue !

I have shared each of my posts’ images on Pinterest and getting 50-100 visitors from Pinterest to my blog, because every image on Pinterest is a nofollow backlink.

2. Makes your blog/website more natural

Everyone is not perfect, same way it applies to Websites if SEO is concerned. There should be balance between follow links and nofollow links otherwise Google’s algorithm may consider it spam, they can punish your website if every links are pure backlinks.

3. Increases DA, PA & other Metrics

Google is not concerned about your Domain/Page Authority but Advertisers are. They look for domain authority of a website when apply to be publisher for them. More DA. PA means more advertisers are interested in bidding on your website. It leads to high revenue ultimately.

Is it good to build Nofollow links ?

Link building involves a lot of smart work that must keep your site standing on top even when the animals from the zoo are let free. So to have a balance just comment on other blogs related to your niche, this way you will be building relationship and at the same time gaining some no-follow links (because most of the comment links are no-follow).

Do you have any more queries and doubts regarding this issue ?? If yes, just ask below in comment section.


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