JioPhone Launch Reliance AGM Mukesh Ambani

JioPhone: India’s one of the telecom giants, “Reliance Jio” has once again proved their real moto: “Karlo Duniya Mutthi Mein”. How ? On friday 21st July 2017, during the Reliance Industries Ltd’s (RIL) 40th annual general meeting (AGM) in Mumbai, the chairman of RIL and India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani has launched “effectively free” 4G-enabled feature […]

Hidden message behind Whatsapp smileys/emoticons

Whatsapp Most popular instant messaging app on earth. Around 500 millions of people use this app as per the current reports. On Feb. 19, 2014, when Facebook announced its plans to acquire WhatsApp, Facebook released a chart showing WhatsApp with 417 million users world-wide. Originally Whatsapp had supported only textual messages with functionality to send […]

Tungareshwar Tungareshwar is a wildlife sanctuary,comes under management of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali. It is located off to Western express highway in Vasai East region. Tungareshwar is considered as best picnic and trekking spot among locals of Vasai-Virar during rainy season because of its waterfalls and river which traverse from top to bottom along […]


Akbar Abu’l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad or popularly known as Akbar ,which means “The great” in arabic. He was the third Mughal emperor, who reigned from 1556 to 1605. A strong personality and a successful general, he gradually enlarged the Mughal Empire to include nearly all of the Indian Subcontinent north of the Godavari river. Enough said about history we […]

Desert safari in Nokha

Nokha Nokha is a town, municipality and a tehsil in Bikaner district of Rajasthan State. It is my home land I was born here and brought up in Mumbai. Every year we would go to my village especially in summer vacations and Diwali vacations. Entire Bikaner district is known for its overwhelming sand dunes because geographically most […]